Videum Quattro Xpress

Videum Quattro Xpress

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Videum Quattro Xpress is a quad channel audio and quad channel video capture card built on a PCI Express bus. It has the power of four AV capture cards in a one slot footprint. Simultaneously capture four independent AV source pairs, or capture the same sources in four different ways. The ideal solution for scalable IPTV broadcasting.


Videum Quattro Xpress is part of Winnov's line of super-fast, super-powerful video capture cards built on the PCI Express architecture. This quad channel audio/video capture card is essentially four AV capture cards in one. Simultaneously, you can capture four different AV source pairs or capture the same sources in four different ways. This is perfect for IP broadcasting. Capture, encode, and broadcast four independent AV source pairs from a single system. Not enough? Multiple Videum Quattros can function in the same system. Fits into any PCI Express slot, regardless of lanes. Go easy on your wallet and your rack space.